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Emmanuelle Alt: Androgyne

Now for something completely different!

I wanted to talk to you about an editorial styled by Emmanuelle Alt for Vogue Paris in October 2010 titled "Androgyne." Since you are not here, I had a chat with my delightful beau about the images figuring that would give us all the male and female perspective on Emmanuelle's androgynous styling choices. We managed a few words before heading straight for our shared passion, music. But let me know what you think of "Androgyne," I am interested in your thoughts — let's chat...

Kellina's favorite

mtm: Is this Emmanuelle's "thing" — androgynous fashion? I mean I see her wearing guys' jackets and jeans a lot... I hope there's more to her than that or it might get old.

kdb: shake shake shake shake shake shake shake your booty

kdb: nice, starting with a controversial lob. Emmanuelle's "thing" as you say is certainly an androgynous cool. I think she styles looks that are more feminine at times but they still have that rock 'n' roll edge which many perceive as androg

mtm: what would you say Carine's "thing" was at Vogue Paris — her trademark if you will?

kdb: Carine also has a nice rock chic vibe but with the emphasis on chic and not rock. She adds rock for flair, while i see Emmanuelle as rock based which happens to be v chic.

Michel's image of David Bowie

mtm: Ah. So Carine's a poseur and Emmanuelle's a real punk (jk!)

kdb: Heh hardly

kdb: Since they both wear fabulous jackets and shoes, one key difference is that Carine only wears skirts and Emmanuelle only wears pants. I often wondered if they did this intentionally... Whatever the impetus, pants are naturally seen as more masculine.

mtm: From what I've seen, Emmanuelle definitely has a lot of both sexes mixed in to her stuff... much more so than Carine

kdb: you mean our girl CR didn't get into the manly stuff?

mtm: maybe so... Just from what i've seen... Emmanuelle mixes the genders up more than Carine (not that Carine didn't do this on occasion)

mtm: anyway... on to those pictures.

mtm: you can't tell me she wasn't channelling David Bowie from the Man Who Fell To Earth

Kellina's image of David Bowie

kdb: ouai ! clearly. i hope she doesn't take my idea for a halloween costume (sssh)

kdb: different shoes though

mtm: well i love her if she lists david bowie as one of her influences

kdb: cool then lets say she did

mtm: although i do think he's an alien or something. the dude doesn't age.

kdb: much like say, CR?

mtm: LOL, yes, David Bowie and Carine Roitfeld are from the same planet!

kdb: LOL yes.

Michel's favoriteVogue Paris editorial images © 2010 Condé Nast. All Rights Reserved. David Bowie images courtesy of virginmedia.com and frogflicks.com

Reader Comments (8)

Super cute guys!! EA is exactly my age so I feel I 'get' her tude. I agree, our generation was heavily influenced by Bowie (for whom I could recite every song word for word... but I'll spare your ears the pain), but also by the Calvin Klein 'movement', with Kate Moss and uni fragrances, etc. so heavily influenced by androgony. Carine 'toyed' with androgony in feminine ways that I agree with Michael were more contrived because it wasn't her generation. Whereas EA is the real deal.
Tres bien Kellina!
4 février 2011 | Unregistered CommenterCupcake
I think that Carine wears skirts cuz she has a booty and Emmanuel wears pants cuz she has legs.... in my humble opinion, ha ha ha!!
4 février 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKate
...ya, or that...or maybe EA doesn't like shaving her legs?
4 février 2011 | Unregistered CommenterCupcake
love it!
4 février 2011 | Unregistered Commenteresme
Ha ha ha! Thanks Cupcake! Personally I would love to hear your Bowie impression...

; )

6 février 2011 | Registered Commenterkellina
Kate, if only me with booty looked like Carine with booty! You're too much! LOL
6 février 2011 | Registered Commenterkellina
Cupcake, that seems reasonable, that happens to be why I am wearing pants right now...

: D
6 février 2011 | Registered Commenterkellina
thanks esme!
6 février 2011 | Registered Commenterkellina

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