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Chloé: Attitudes
By Sarah Mower


Jane & Serge
By Andrew Birkin


Vogue and The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute: Parties, Exhibitions, People
By Hamish Bowles


Loulou de la Falaise
By Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni


Halston: Inventing American Fashion
By Lesley Frowick


Dries van Noten
By Pamela Golbin


A Denim Story
By Emily Current, Meritt Elliott, Hilary Walsh 


Veruschka: From Vera to Veruschka
By Johnny Moncada


Draw Blood for Proof
By Mario Sorrenti


Diana Vreeland Memos:
The Vogue Years

By Alexander Vreeland


Introducing... Heather Dunhill, Contributing Editor

I am utterly delighted to present the latest addition to the IWTBAA editorial team — please join me in welcoming Heather Dunhill, our new contributing editor! Heather will be sharing her passion for fashion with all of us, particularly her predilection for Emmanuelle Alt. And now... with no further ado... I will pass the microphone to Heather to tell us more about herself...

It only took covering my first New York Fashion Week for an affiliate of The New York Times in Sarasota, Florida, to confirm that I am a style addict and fashion spectator beyond other natural inclinations toward art, design, and modern architecture.

From there, I turned on full-creative throttle and went from that five column/week Social Editor stint to being solely style focused. I now write "Fashion IQ" for Sarasota Magazine as well as a style blog in partnership with the regional magazine. Jazzed to be among the contributing editors at IWTB, the blog leader for unusually clever insight on Alt, Roitfeld, Battaglia, and Coppola. Between us, I've been secretly internet stalking (for fashion anthropologic purposes only, of course!) the elusively chic creature that is Emmanuelle Alt in her natural habitat of fashion's finest circles… and, anxious to share....

Heather Dunhill photograph © 2012 Heather Dunhill. All Rights Reserved.


Emmanuelle Alt: Wham! 

Emmanuelle Alt certainly chose an interesting stage for her retort to my recent request for a tuneoff — the video marking the launch of her new Vogue Paris web site for which she dances and jumps and moves her lips to the syncopated rhythms of "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" by Wham! She and other Vogue Paris staff members are joined by a few models for a fun 80s style video, dressed in faded denim jeans, high tops, and white tees with either the Vogue logo or the word "Go-Go" printed in black.

Emmanuelle Alt "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" by Wham! film stills © 2012 Condé Nast. All Rights Reserved.


Emmanuelle Alt: Tuneoff

The Anniversary

It's hard to believe that today we are celebrating one year of I Want To Be An Alt... one full year of covering Emmanuelle Alt and her vision of Vogue Paris. My deepest thanks to all of you for reading along, but I must admit I am disappointed. In fact, Emmanuelle Alt's first December/January issue of Vogue Paris disappointed me to the verge of disgust. There, I've said it. Her magazine embodies her persona, which is certainly strong and distinct. But for me, it's flat on page after page. I buy my subscription to Vogue Paris partly for the calendar — no calendar this year. Yes, times are tough. But then also to take away our long awaited and anxiously expected guest editor? And in its stead impose her horrendously limited taste in music on us? Merde.

The Tuneoff

So in celebration of IWTBAA's anniversary, I am challenging Emmanuelle to a tuneoff, her 31 favorite songs versus mine... In making my selections, I used Emmanuelle's own criteria for favorite songs as she explained them in her editorial for the December/January issue of Vogue Paris: "Good vibrations. It speaks of love, of friendship, here or elsewhere, it evokes the night, the loneliness, the abysses or the excesses, a song is an emotion. If it affects us, it is in the moment and probably forever: that was my case with the electrifying tempos of Saturday Night Fever and Grease, released a few months apart. The summer flirtations, the hectic dance floors, the dreams with eyes open, the bodies close together, this all goes into remixing the soundtrack of our favorite songs."

Here are hers, here are mine, what are your thoughts?

The Contest

I want to be wrong about her. I want to be wrong so badly that I have decided to host a contest in honor of our anniversary, giving you an opportunity to convince me that I am wrong about her. If you love the style of Emmanuelle Alt as it pertains to fashion, music, magazines, life, now is your chance to voice your opinion. Write an essay about why you love EA and win a prize! The contest is limited to the first 100 respondents and ends on 1 March 2012; please note that the IWTB team is ineligible to play. All submissions become property of IWTB and may be published at my discretion. Now for the important information: the prize! The winner will receive a copy of the December/January issue of Vogue Paris (sans calendar/guest editor), a $10 iTunes gift card, and an IWTBAA tee.

Submit your essay here.

And don't forget to comment below with your personal favorite songs — what music reminds you of summer, flirtations, dreams, bodies close together? what makes you dance?

Emmanuelle Alt photographs courtesy of selfservicemagazine.com and Fashion Spot.


I Want To Be An Alt Tees And Mugs

If you are a fan of Emmanuelle Alt, Vogue Paris, and IWTBAA, show your love with our brand new tees and mugs! The official IWTBAA tee is American Apparel 100% cotton and fits quite snugly, shrinking one size after cycling through the dryer, so be conscious of this when choosing the correct size. Available in girly style S, M, L, XL (US sizes, complete measurements are listed in inches) in white only. The official IWTBAA mug is white ceramic, measures 4" x 4", and was produced in China. Both the tee and the mug are printed in the US. If you are interested, visit the IWTB Shop for more details. As always, thanks for your support!

I Want To Be An Alt Tees and Mug images © 2012 Kellina de Boer. All Rights Reserved.


Vogue.fr X Emmanuelle Alt

Condé Nast issued a press release yesterday indicating that a brand new look for Vogue.fr as styled by Emmanuelle Alt will launch on 6 February. As Emmanuelle relates, "Vogue.fr is first and foremost Vogue, its style, spirit and view." Above you can see a screen capture of the new front page of the Vogue Paris site, sleek and chic, it strips away beautifully the busyness of the existing site. I can only hope the content will be as sharp....

Vogue.fr image © 2012 Condé Nast. All Rights Reserved.