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Chloé: Attitudes
By Sarah Mower


Jane & Serge
By Andrew Birkin


Vogue and The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute: Parties, Exhibitions, People
By Hamish Bowles


Loulou de la Falaise
By Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni


Halston: Inventing American Fashion
By Lesley Frowick


Dries van Noten
By Pamela Golbin


A Denim Story
By Emily Current, Meritt Elliott, Hilary Walsh 


Veruschka: From Vera to Veruschka
By Johnny Moncada


Draw Blood for Proof
By Mario Sorrenti


Diana Vreeland Memos:
The Vogue Years

By Alexander Vreeland


Vogue Paris: Miami Heat

Vogue Paris: Miami Heat
By Kamila Brudzynska

First thing which I have to say about the April issue of Vogue Paris is — I love the cover SO much! Cameron’s hair, JPG’s jacket, Isabel Marant’s trousers — pure perfection!

As for the editorial "Miami Heat"… All those sequins, colorful fabrics, glow, shine… I’m not a person who loves colorful things but this time I have to say — I fell in love with these stylizations. We all know that Emmanuelle Alt is a fan of disco and David Bowie so this time we have even more inspiration from these things than we usually see — the rock 'n' roll ones.

I’m also surprised that Mario Testino has done such a great job here. I would never have guessed that he made these photos if there hadn't been a note. I associate him with definitely different style and esthethic of photos — a lot of elegance, classic glamour, maybe even some sort of sensitivity… But as we can see, the Alt and Testino team is a very promising one!

I was going to write which photo is my favorite one but honestly, there are too many good ones. However, I could literally die for the Isabel Marant leather jacket… Especially with this Céline skirt… Such an awesome outfit!

I think Madame Alt and Monsieur Testino have done a great job and we have one of the best latest editorials in Vogue Paris here. Not so predictable and very nice for the eye.

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Vogue Paris editorial images © 2014 Condé Nast. All Rights Reserved.


Vogue Paris: Nomade

Vogue Paris: Nomade
By Paul Kolyer

Anastasia Barbieri's "Nomade" takes a spring fashion trek to Kenya in the April issue of Vogue Paris.† Pack a wardrobe with simple shapes, longer is better, that stand out with abstract prints and details of fringe or braids! Glen Luchford photographs in black-and-white or faded earthy tones that fit the "darker mood" of fashion this spring. 

A neutral MaxMara poncho is easy luxe, Freja Beha Erichsen is stunning on horseback and can ride to Marrakesh and hang with the painted birds in Saint Laurent's oasis any day! A long plunging draped V-neck dress from Givenchy says it all! With it's deep color, and wrist styled with the perfect cuffs! The safari look can be a Chloe sleeveless dress, belted close to the body, and the pleated fabric and metal neckpiece echo Issey Miyake! The long Kenzo skirt has a primitive print and [un]wraps as needed. Worn here with a cropped blouse so as to attract prey!

The Dior de la Serengeti with vibrant stripes and draped wide "bande de tissue" and artisanal neckpiece, will dominate any watering hole!

Try a python print out for the night and smother it with fringe and feathers, then greet the rising sun with Donna Karan's shear trousers, wide leather crafted hip belt and fringey top!

Junya Watanabe has taken fringe to the next level! The last look is from his spectacular SS14 show, this one in neutral color and amazing braided fringe.

The next time Anastasia travels to faraway lands — count me in — she packs for an exceptional woman, with these looks and just the right accessories; neckpieces and bracelettes, you too will stand out on the horizon! 

†Anastasia Barbieri and Glen Luchford have produced some fabulous pictures for Vogue Hommes called "Soysambu," this was also the location of the "Nomade" shoot. The Soysambu ranch and conservancy are the subject of a fabulous article by Jerry Stafford in Vogue Hommes! I was especially thrilled to read about the fact that the film White Mischief was based on the history of this place! I heard about the film because Geoffrey Beene mentioned how much he loved it and I saw it on videocassette years ago, the fashion is lovely, perfectly done to suit the characters and plot! Look it up if you can!

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Vogue Paris editorial images © 2014 Condé Nast. All Rights Reserved.


Vogue Paris Collections Automne-Hiver 2015

From the Vogue Paris web site...

Au programme de ce guide des tendances: les défilés de New York, Londres, Milan et Paris revus à travers une sélection de près de 2000 looks et 1500 accessoires. À découvrir en kiosque dès aujourd'hui.

"Nouveaux "Sésame couvre-toi" : des volumes cocons, des textures moelleuses, un bien-être plus quotidien, voire plus sportif", écrit Emmanuelle Alt, rédactrice en chef de Vogue Paris, dans l’édito du supplément Vogue Collections automne-hiver 2014-2015. Entre effets de textures et jeux de volumes, le climat général des nouvelles collections se veut protecteur. Une mode plus sérieuse, moins exubérante, à mi-chemin entre esprit sportswear et inspirations couture, d'où surgissent pourtant quelques collections aux accents Sixties, hommage aux icônes d'une autre époque, de Jean Shrimpton à Jane Birkin. Manteaux XXL, seconde peau, capes et ponchos... Autant de tendances à retrouver dans ce guide essentiel, à découvrir en kiosque dès aujourd'hui.

Vogue Collections charts the trends we're backing, as spotted by Vogue Paris editors runway-side in New York, London, Milan and Paris, with the 2,000 looks and 1,500 accessories that you need to know about. Out today.

"The motto for Fall/Winter 2014 is 'Keep it under wraps', with cocoon-like volumes, soft-to-the-touch textures, feel good everyday wear and a sportier mood," writes Vogue Paris editor-in-chief Emmanuelle Alt, in her Vogue Collections Fall/Winter 2014-2015 editorial. From texture effects to plays on volume, the mood for next season is protective. This is more serious, less exuberant fashion, a half-way house between sportswear and couture with a few Sixties references thrown into the mix, in a style tribute to icons of another era, from Jean Shrimpton to Jane Birkin. With oversized coats, body con, capes, and ponchos all coming up, discover the trends you need to know about in our essential guide.

On newsstands April 22.

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Vogue Paris Collections Fall/Winter 2015 cover image © 2014 Condé Nast. All Rights Reserved.


Vogue Paris May 2014: Sophie Marceau

From the Vogue Paris web site...

Une rencontre inspirante avec Sophie Marceau photographiée par Mario Testino pour inaugurer ce mois de mai dédié au 7ème art. En kiosque le 29 avril.

"Mai est le mois des actrices. Que vaudrait le Festival de Cannes sans l'envolée d'une robe, l'allure époustouflante d'une star à la montée des marches? En couverture de ce numéro, Sophie Marceau, LA star hexagonale, n°1 dans les suffrages, ce mois-ci à l'affiche du film de Lisa Azuelos "Une Rencontre", l'histoire d'un coup de foudre entre fantasme et réalité.", écrit Emmanuelle Alt, rédactrice en chef de Vogue Paris, dans l'édito de ce numéro de mai. Une édition étoilée menée par Sophie Marceau, intime sous l'objectif de Mario Testino et la plume du philosophe Vincent Cespedes. Les robes de la couture virevoltent en mouvement avec les Twins, deux danseurs français ayant marqué les chorégraphies de Beyoncé de leurs steps aériens, les carats dansent sous les feux de la rampe et les experts L'Oréal Paris livrent tous leurs conseils beauté pour se voir ouvrir les portes de ce Cannes confidentiel. Avant que ne s'ouvre ce 67ème Festival du cinéma, il est toujours temps de prendre la route pour s'offrir un week-end chic et parfaire son bronzage sous les rayons des plus beaux endroits du monde, bien protégée par le bon indice et le maillot adéquats. Pour ainsi se façonner un destin solaire à l'instar des égéries de ce numéro: Sophie Marceau, Gia Coppola ou l'iconique Jackie Kennedy-Onassis.

Photographed by Mario Testino, we meet French actress Sophie Marceau on the cover of the May issue, on sale April 29.

"May is a month for actresses. What would the Cannes Film Festival be without flowing gowns and stunning stars walking the red carpet? French film star par excellence Sophie Marceau covers this issue, currently on the big screen in Lisa Azuelos' Quantum Love, a love story on the cusp of fantasy and reality," writes Vogue Paris editor-in-chief Emmanuelle Alt, in her May editorial. Sophie Marceau leads a star-studded issue, seen through the lens of Mario Testino and beautifully drawn by writer Vincent Cespedes. Couture gowns swirl around Les Twins — the light-footed French dance duo on tour with Beyoncé, diamonds sparkle in the spotlight and the experts from L'Oréal Paris share their beauty tips, as they take us backstage at Cannes. And before hitting the 67th Film Festival itself, we squeeze in a weekend in the sun in some of the most beautiful sun traps in the world, to show you how to catch those early rays safely, complete with the swimwear to best show off your glow. The future is bright and sunny: look to Sophie Marceau, Gia Coppola and the iconic Jackie Kennedy Onassis for inspiration this season.

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Vogue Paris May 2014 issue cover © 2014 Condé Nast. All Rights Reserved.


Vogue Paris: Pin Ups

Vogue Paris: Pin Ups
By Paul Kolyer

Joe McKenna has had a stellar career and styled for Vogue Paris many times! The April issue pairs him with David Sims for "Pin Ups."

The mood is young, and the layout looks new with borders of bright color, and colored rectangles layered under the photos. Sims shows his masterful hand at color and black-and-white! I really like his color work lately, his Jil Sander campaign {men also] has beautiful colors!

A fave new model of mine, Binx steals the show! Binx in Céline!, perhaps the most photographed collection of the season? Lovely photo of her in intense makeup, please try blue eye shadow girls! Love her zebra barrette, she reminds me of Annabella from Bow Wow Wow!

McKenna includes some strong newer designers like J.W. Anderson, Yang Li, and Jacquemus. Paco Rabanne's pink overalls are featured in one photo. This legendary house is being revived by Julien Dossena, he's on the right track with this spring collection, I wish him well!

The last photo of Binx in a Nike jersey and Céline skirt is very "model off duty," she's the fashion girl next door, without the uptight attitude. This feeling starts out the editorial in the first picture, black-and-white, the smiling girl, very laid back {literally} and nonchalant! Saint Laurent of course, but thankfully these girls are not your typical "Pin Ups."

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Vogue Paris editorial images © 2014 Condé Nast. All Rights Reserved.

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