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Chloé: Attitudes
By Sarah Mower


Jane & Serge
By Andrew Birkin


Vogue and The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute: Parties, Exhibitions, People
By Hamish Bowles


Loulou de la Falaise
By Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni


Halston: Inventing American Fashion
By Lesley Frowick


Dries van Noten
By Pamela Golbin


A Denim Story
By Emily Current, Meritt Elliott, Hilary Walsh 


Veruschka: From Vera to Veruschka
By Johnny Moncada


Draw Blood for Proof
By Mario Sorrenti


Diana Vreeland Memos:
The Vogue Years

By Alexander Vreeland


Vogue Paris April 2014: Cameron Russell

From the Vogue Paris web site...

Cap sur Miami avec Cameron Russell, un top engagé sublimé par l'œil de Mario Testino en couverture de cette édition audacieuse. En kiosque le 26 mars. "Les beaux jours arrivent. Cet avant-goût de l'été dans l'air colore et dope les pages de Vogue ce mois-ci. La mode a ainsi embarqué pour South Beach Miami. Hâlés par les U.V sous un soleil précoce, les tops photographiés par Mario Testino dans la série "Miami Heat" ont la peau couleur caramel et l'allurée libérée, conquérante", écrit Emmanuelle Alt, rédactrice en chef de Vogue Paris, dans l'édito du numéro d'avril 2014. En couverture, le top Cameron Russell continue son engagement pris au TED en 2012 et s'affranchit de la simple image pour faire entendre sa voix. Une rencontre organisée à New York au début de la Fashion Week automne-hiver 2014-2015 et qui s'est poursuivie sous les feux de la Floride. Des clichés vibrants photographiés par Mario Testino et capturant cette Jungle Fever sous les traits de Cameron ou de Malaika Firth. L'énergie magnétique de cette série innerve aussi la beauté, avec Karlie Kloss en trainer de haute volée, la musique avec le dernier disque d'Emmanuelle Seigner en écoute, ou encore les robes pleines d'audace de Riccardo Tisci, posant ici avec ses amis de toujours. Les filles en vogue s'évadent déjà vers le grand bleu avec la série Miss Vogue ou les grandes étendues nomades, quand les jolies têtes blondes du Vogue Enfants attendent les beaux jours dans leurs belles robes blanches romantiques. Un doux parfum de printemps, en kiosque le 26 mars.

Vogue Paris heads to Miami with model activist Cameron Russell this month, and a bold cover by Mario Testino. Available March 26. "Here comes the sun. Spring brightens the pages of Vogue Paris this month as fashion heads for South Beach Miami, where Mario Testino captured sun-kissed girls under the early summer sun, for the Miami Heat editorial. With their caramel skin, these are free, conquering women," writes Vogue Paris editor-in-chief Emmanuelle Alt in her April 2014 editorial. Cover girl Cameron Russell continues the commitment to challenging discrimination and promoting healthy body image that she started with her TED talk in 2012, turning to imagery to make her voice heard. A meeting organized for New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014-2015 is followed by the bright lights of Florida, as Mario Testino captures Cameron alongside Malaika Firth in the vibrant "Jungle Fever" editorial. A magnetic energy runs through the magazine this month, in our beauty editorial featuring Karlie Kloss as a top-flight personal trainer, through to the latest album from Emmanuelle Seigner and the audacious work of Riccardo Tisci, who poses for us with a clutch of his oldest friends. The models of the moment are already heading for the ocean in the "Miss Vogue" spread, along with the little ones in the Vogue Enfants supplement, who can't wait for summer to look as pretty as a picture in their white sundresses. Fresh fashion on a light Spring breeze, available March 26.

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IWTBAA Love Note: Anastasia Barbieri

IWTBAA Love Note: Anastasia Barbieri
By Paul Kolyer

Anastasia Barbieri, that name, so chic. A Russian/Italian countess or a prima ballerina? I was intrigued of course, the mastheads; redactrice at large for Vogue Paris, fashion director for Vogue Hommes International. I remember a first glimpse, in a photo when Carine Roitfeld took over Vogue Paris! Halcyon days! The chic French brunettes, and the blonde (also a fave) Julia von Boehm. Anastasia's personal style is relaxed and simple, but always well-tailored. So different from the flashy editors but not monastic black either. Slim men's suits in neutrals, unbuttoned blouses, and Chloé-esque day dressing.

Anastasia is a poetic realist, her work is mostly single girls or boys in relaxed offhand moments where their personalities shine through. Casual and real, they are caught in private thoughts and personal rituals. The subject forgets you're watching and doesn't pose for you, they are lost in the day to day and just happen to look amazing, for themselves, a personal style, no fashion victims here.

I shunned men's fashion magazines for quite a while and only recently took to Vogue Hommes when Carine, Emmanuelle, and Anastasia began styling for it. They contrasted and complemented each other in Vogue Paris and Vogue Hommes in a similar way, their men were totally their own like the girls. As I look at Vogue Hommes Spring/Summer 2010 with Emmanuelle's fantastic Kate Moss in black-and-white by Mario Sorrenti on the cover, the styling is classic for each editor. Kate mostly nude on a beautiful beach by Sorrenti and Alt, and a David Sims photo shoot with Alt's model styled like a modern day Elvis. Carine is all decadent with lounging boys, torsos exposed, fallen on luxe pillows and fabrics, like Rudolf Nureyev. The "virtuoso bodies" by Demarchelier. Anastasia styles a model who looks like Basquiat in the latest menswear, so effortless and put together, I really feel like it's Jean-Michel, as he urinates against a wall in a Calvin Klein jacket. She knows how women want to see men look, real and masculine, accessible and sexy. They make it seem easy and and don't try too hard yet look amazing, it's hard to do!

In the latest issue of Vogue Hommes, Anastasia Barbieri styles beautiful photos by Jeff Burton. She just worked with him on the Cerruti 1881 S/S 2014 campaign. For the spread "Le Damné" or "The Damned," Burton's photos are quiet, subtle and subdued with naturalistically lit interiors. Again a single model, in his own ambience, as we watch he breathes for some other air, not for us....

 "a vague melancholy, like invisible scent,
  in these rooms, a lover was here.
  not now, in the past, from day to night waiting for the future,
  doomed to remember.
  a mirror to see her approaching, the mirror was here, and will be again.
  faint movement in the air, is someone there?
  should we dress for dinner? i'll wait, i know you're coming, never today.
  then tomorrow arrives with the sun through a window and always fades
  while I wait here alone inside myself, only the damned remain."

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IWTBAA Love Note: The French Femme

IWTBAA Love Note: The French Femme
By Bernie Rothschild

What comes to mind when thinking of French women is glamorous, sharp, alluring, and chic. The French femme, in particular la femme parisienne, has this impeccable style that is divine and immaculate. In fact, the French make everything so chic, even things that may be a bit irreverent… Take, for example, prostitution. One of the images that sticks in my mind is the editorial "Nocturne Parisien" that Emmanuelle Alt styled for Vogue Paris in August 2006 starring Eva Herzigova. Photographed by Mario Sorrenti while she roams around looking sensual in the streets of Paris, this reminded me of prostitute chic. Then Marc Jacobs glamorized prostitution in one of his last collections for Louis Vuitton. And of course who could forget Catherine Deneuve's iconic portrayal of a prostitute in Belle de jour  dressed in Yves Saint Laurent. Prostitution is wrong in every way but the French make it look so chic.

Let's also remember that it was the French who made infidelity fashionable for a time, think about the 18th century maîtresse-en-titre at the court of Versailles. Infidelity was acceptable among this decadent court, the mistresses had their etiquette and titles, some were even given power by the king. The greatest example of this is Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, historically known as Madame de Pompadour, the notable mistress of Louis XV. Madame de Pompadour's "service" was not just useful for pleasure, she wielded influence which extended to art and political power in the king's court during the rise of the Enlightenment. Madame de Pompadour was involved in matters of diplomacy between France and its worst enemy, Austria, which made possible the marriage of the Austrian Marie Antoinette to Louis XVI.

Known for her exquisite taste for rococo style, Madame de Pompadour oversaw and planned the construction of the Palais de la Concorde and the Petit Trianon in the garden of Versailles that was built after her death. The Trianon was occupied by Madame du Barry, the last maîtresse-en-titre of Louis XV, and then was given to Marie Antoinette by Louis XVI when he acceded to the throne. (Take note that the Trianon was intended for the mistresses of the king and Marie Antoinette was claimed to be the first queen consort who can be a wife and mistress to the king.) Madame de Pompadour was also the patron of many artists and intellectuals of her time such as Voltaire. The king even gave her the Palais de L'Élysées, one of the most beautiful palaces in the world, as her residence. Madame de Pompadour was a notable women of such intelligence and great style that she become the unofficial Reine de France, the power behind the throne. Vive les femmes françaises !

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Review: Vogue Paris February 2014 Issue

Review: Vogue Paris February 2014 Issue
By Heather Dunhill

If you live and die by the beauty trends off the pages of Vogue Paris, then the fresh-faced Emily DiDonato, who graces the February cover, lets you know that you are in for a downsizing from the heavy-handedness of the smokey eye to glowing spring makeup.

All you have to do is turn the pages to spot the continental fashion shift to a soft wash of lighter, clean eye hues like ethereal white eye makeup powered by statement lashes for a pop. And the lip colors range from au naturel to bright berry tones that perk up an otherwise neutral face.

It’s not just a blinking caution light to signal the change — the alarm has sounded; the doors have closed on deep warm shading. Take, for instance, the simple beauty shades that Prada pairs with their primary colors for their spring campaign. Or, the petal pinks on the lovely femme in the "C’est Vogue" editorial paired with the chic metallic look, even black, so your nighttime look should also go on notice.

If you still need convincing, check out the stunning Edita Vilkeviciute in the layout for the Bijoux section, "Rose d’hiver" which translates to “Winter Rose.”  Soft, feminine, and delicate yet modern faces are the trend throughout.

It’s a sporty, smart, and sassy look for spring that was also seen on the Spring/Summer 2014 runways from Prabal Gurung to Donna Karan. And, I’m sure we can all agree that there’s no better time to embrace la vie en rose than now. It may even help to melt the nagging chill of winter….

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Vogue Paris Translation: Le Point De Vue De Vogue February 2014

Pour la première fois, une femme va piloter Paris, l'Hôtel de Ville aura sa reine. Laquelle de Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet ou Anne Hidalgo l'emportera ? Encore un mois et demi de campagne à l'heure où nous bouclons… C'était le moment idéal. Les candidates à l'écharpe municipale se sont confiées à nous sans filtre. Surprenantes. Passionnées, et passionnantes. Toutes les femmes qui figurent dans ce numéro ont une vision. À New York, la galeriste et marchande d'art Dominique Lévy nous a ouvert sa porte. Ses choix aventureux ont fait d'elle une experte hors pair, capable de jongler avec les prix exorbitants du marché, tout comme de mettre sur pied des expositions de niveau muséal. C'est à Londres que nous avons rencontré Fatima Bhutto, héritière d'une dynastie marquée du sceau du glamour et de la tragédie. La jeune femme, 31 ans, ne fait pas de politique. Elle est écrivain. Une voix nouvelle, de portée internationale, pour dire les turbulences du Pakistan.

Fraîches comme si elles sortaient du collège, ou hypersophistiquées, beautés classiques ou singulières, 22 tops prennent la pose dans ce numéro. On reconnaît certaines dans la rue : Emily DiDonato, Edita Vilkeviciute, Amanda Murphy, Andreea Diaconu. D'autres font une carrière de star : Freja Beha, Saskia de Brauw, Edie Campbell, Georgia May Jagger. Dans leur sillage, un florilège de nouveaux visages. Sur lesquels nous misons. David Sims, Mario Sorrenti, Inez & Vinoodh, Mikael Jansson ont répondu présents pour les mettre en valeur. Et la mode, librement, célèbre le noir, la lumière, la sensualité, le blanc virginal… qui vont si bien aux femmes.

For the first time, a woman will drive Paris, City Hall will have its queen. Will Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet or Anne Hidalgo prevail? Another month and a half in the campaign until the time when we close... It was a perfect time. The candidates for the municipal sash entrusted us with no filter. Amazing. Passionate and exciting. All of the women presented in this issue have a vision. In New York, the gallery owner and art dealer Dominique Lévy has opened the door. Her adventurous choices have made ​​her an unparalleled expert, able to juggle the exorbitant market prices, as well as develop exhibitions to the museum standards. It was in London that we met Fatima Bhutto, heir to a dynasty marked with the seal of glamour and tragedy. The young woman, 31 years old, does not make policy. She is a writer. A new voice, international in scope, to tell of the turmoil in Pakistan.

Fresh as if they came out of college, or hypersophisticated, classic or singular beauties, 22 tops strike a pose in this issue. We recognize some street: Emily DiDonato, Edita Vilkeviciute, Amanda Murphy, Andreea Diaconu. Others make a career as a star: Freja Beha, Saskia de Brauw, Edie Campbell, Georgia May Jagger. In their wake, a selection of new faces. On which we focus. David Sims, Mario Sorrenti, Inez & Vinoodh, Mikael Jansson were present for the showcase. And the fashion, clearly, celebrates black, light, sensuality, virginal white... which go so well with women.

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