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Dolce Francia: Emmanuelle Alt And Carla Bruni-Sarkozy

Marine Delterme, Emmanuelle Alt, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Lisa Azuelos

Dolce Francia: Emmanuelle Alt and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy
By Justine Ariel

Of course you recognize these faces. Yes, that’s Emmanuelle Alt in 1990, next to her best-friend-since-childhood, the now and ever famous Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. And yes, 23 years ago, Alt was still wearing a white Oxford and Carla was still wearing some lover’s Oxford, unbuttoned just enough to imply that whoever took the photograph rang her doorbell a little too early.

Now, 23 years later, they are still great friends. Last month, Emmanuelle Alt and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy hosted a black-tie dinner for Bulgari at Apicius. Guests included Adrien Brody, Miranda Kerr, David Sims, and Malgosia Bela. I’m convinced that my invitation was lost in the mail; I mean, if they invited Scarlett Johansson, they could have at least invited me, but that’s another story... It was a night of champagne, glamour, and edgy sophistication. You can expect no less from an Alt/Bruni collaboration with Bulgari.

You get the feeling that these two women know they’re on top of the world hosting this event, and that the international fashion jet-set is the only world worth running. Emmanuelle, in a signature blazer with military details, and Carla, in a dress that gives a subdued nod to the tuxedo vest, are perfect complements. This event wasn’t the first time Emmanuelle and Carla collaborated in a chic way. Last year’s December edition of Vogue Paris featured Carla Bruni in an article called “Les Sept Vies de Carla Bruni,” exposing her muses and heroes, her guitars, and her studio.

There is something honest and joyful in these images. Unlike Alt’s recent work in Vogue Paris, understatement is the key in the styling here. Bruni wears a gorgeous Chanel dress and a simple Dior pullover with jeans in the next photo. No doubt Carla Bruni is a seasoned model and performer, but these images really ring true to what Emmanuelle Alt said when she started her position as editor-in-chief at Vogue Paris: "I wanted to see things with humor, to present ideas and pictures that will make people laugh or smile… It's not that everything we do is accessible — haute couture isn't accessible, diamonds aren't accessible — but I want the girl they are shown on to be real, identifiable, someone you'd like to know.”

Carla Bruni is, ironically, super real and down-to-earth. There’s a reason why, until the last election, I followed French politics as closely as I followed fashion. That’s because Carla, with her fashion lyrics (“l’amour / ça ne va pas / c’est pas du Saint Laurent / ça ne tombe pas parfaitement” which translates roughly into English as “love never fits me as well as a Saint Laurent smoking”) and her Alt-like style, brought cool and a little rock 'n' roll to 55 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Cool and rock 'n' roll… sound like someone else we know?

Emmanuelle Alt and Carla Bruni have been friends since their teens, so I can’t finish this post without discussing a little bit of their rock 'n' roll past. We all know that Emmanuelle Alt is David Bowie’s number one fan, and that Carla Bruni was, for a time, very publicly in love with Mick Jagger. But music plays such a strong role in the work of both Carla and Emmanuelle. Carla released a new album called Little French Songs in April 2013, which includes a song about Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg in the 1970s. And it seems like every new issue of Vogue Paris includes some kind of nod to the 80s music that Emmanuelle loves so dearly. It’s no wonder that these two amazing style icons have remained friends through the years — and what a treat to see them together!

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Emmanuelle Alt and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy photos courtesy of parismatch.com and Fashion Spot.


The French Voguettes: Code Capucine

Merci beaucoup to the lovely and talented Sarra Salib for today's guest post, a glimpse at the alluring style of Capucine Safyurtlu, fashion and market editor for Vogue Paris, Emmanuelle Alt minion, and French Voguette extraordinaire…

The French Voguettes: Code Capucine
By Sarra Salib

I admit that I consider myself good with names, but it took me a while to finally memorize "Capucine Safyurtlu." It’s often the case that I like to remember how I happened upon or became so utterly obsessed with a certain song or individual. With Capucine, it was a Tommy Ton fashion week street style photo alongside the newly appointed Vogue Paris editor-in-chief Emmanuelle Alt. I remember asking myself “Who is this person?” The rest is history.

The Turkish beauty holds the Fashion and Market Editor title, and is often dubbed Alt’s “mini-me.” I beg to differ with the latter statement. Although it is true that they dress very similarly, Capucine manages to maintain and separate her identity by not styling her editorials in her own image ad nauseam. If you compare and contrast her editorial work, you may notice that one is dynamic and different with each turn, and the other is static with the same rock 'n’ roll theme. Differentiating between the two is no difficult task.

But I must say that Capucine has the tendency of having the majority of her editorials in black and white. This takes me back to a quote by photographer Ted Grant: “When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls.” I think there is something to be said of this powerful statement. It is true that monochrome photos tend to be more poignant; they tend to resonate more with the soul. Perhaps they evoke so much more feeling because they strip away all the distractions colors can create, and I have no doubt that Capucine Safyurtlu is truly aware and understanding of this concept.

One of my favorite works by Capucine is "Bal de la Couture," an editorial shot for Numéro Magazine in March 2011, featuring the crème de la crème Freja Beha Erichsen and Arizona Muse, and photographed by Monsieur Lagerfeld himself. I am awfully fond of this editorial because it is the epitome of class, harmony, and clean lines. It is simply flawlessly executed. The hair is shiny and sharply slicked back so as not to distract from the details and long lines of the garments. The lines are in fact quite architectural, which I’m sure is difficult to achieve when clothes can be such a fluid thing. As for the casting of Erichsen and Muse, there could not have been a more perfect pairing. Their chemistry is undeniable — it is as if they are a yin and yang, complementing and completing each other in all ways possible. All of these details go back to the hands of the stylist, so please take a moment to muse over and appreciate how beautiful this editorial is.

Since Capucine is extremely personal and mysterious, it is difficult to find any piece of information that could tell us more about her; thus, we must examine all we can find about her. She was so kind as to provide Vogue Paris with ten of her favorite places to go in Paris. Looking at these addresses, I can safely deduct that Capucine has taste. Literally. Six out of the ten exclusive addresses were her favorite restaurants to eat — that’s more than half of the addresses. She was specific, too. La Pâtisserie des rêves for her favorite desserts, Le Water Bar colette for her favorite lunches, Al Dente for her favorite pizzas, and so forth. How could anyone not love this lady? The real question is… what is Capucine Safyurtlu’s recipe for staying so slim?

Le Jardin d'Antoine
Pour les fleurs, toujours de saison.
For seasonal flowers.
57 rue de la Pompe, 75016

Studio 34
Pour les coupes soignées de Delphine Courteille.
For immaculate haircuts by Delphine Courteille.
34 rue du Mont-Thabor, 75001

Pour les anniversaires et les cours de cuisine spécial enfant.
For birthdays and kid-friendly cooking courses.
7 rue Liancourt, 75014

Le Comptoir du Relais
Pour le côté bistrot et la cuisine élégante à la française.
For a quintessential bistro with elegant French cuisine to match.
9 Carrefour de l'Odéon, 75006

Spa Six Senses
Pour l'ambiance apaisante. Si possible, demander Julie.
For a relaxing atmosphere. Ask for Julie!
3 Rue de Castiglione, 75001

Al Dente
Pour les délicieuses pizzas.
For delicious pizzas.
38 rue de Varenne, 75007

La Pâtisserie des rêves
Pour tous les desserts et plus particulièrement le Saint-Honoré... Ce sont les meilleurs de Paris.
For all of their desserts, especially the Saint-Honoré - they’re the best in Paris.
111 rue de Longchamp, 75016

Le Water Bar colette
Pour les déjeuners, la semaine.
For weekday lunches.
213 rue Saint-Honoré, 75001

Miss Carlota
Pour les manucures impeccables. Et surtout pour Virginie, une véritable pro!
For impeccable manicures and above all, for Virgine, a total pro!
11 rue Princesse, 75006

Le Voltaire
Pour l'ambiance mythique de ce lieu.
For the atmosphere in this legendary Paris restaurant.
27 quai Voltaire, 75007

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Capucine Safyurtlu photos via grazia.it, jakandjil.com, Habitually Chic, Numero Magazine, Condé Nast, models.com.


Vogue Paris November 2013: Gisele Bundchen

From the Vogue Paris web site…

Un spécial beauté incarné par Gisele Bündchen, décryptant sous l'œil des plus grands photographes les gestes et les détails essentiels pour perfectionner en toute subtilité son allure de saison. En kiosque le 25 octobre prochain.

"Ce numéro de Vogue mise sur le pouvoir subjuguant de la beauté. A travers mille détails. Car aujourd'hui, on a compris qu'un simple twist - une bouche liquide, un oeil lamé, une peau floutée - peut non seulement changer un visage, mais aussi moderniser l'allure générale, intensifier la présence", écrit Emmanuelle Alt, rédactrice en chef de Vogue Paris, dans l'édito du numéro de novembre 2013. Ses courbes renversantes avaient électrisé la couverture de juin/juillet 2012, et c'est avec ce spécial beauté que Gisele Bündchen, icône healthy au naturel ravageur, signe son retour en une de Vogue Paris photographiée par Inez & Vinoodh. Une édition analysant dans le détail les rituels venus d'ailleurs, à appliquer religieusement chaque jour pour se nourrir de ces soins métissés, ou les 13 nouveaux gestes de la saison, incarnés sous l'objectif de David Sims par les filles en vogue, à maîtriser pour upgrader son make-up en toute subtilité.

Helmut Newton, Hans Feurer... retour sur ces photographes qui ont su capter au fil des ans l'essence même de l'élégance et de la grâce, quand d'autres talents, comme Eileen Ford, osaient confier à de jeunes premières renversantes (Jerry Hall, Brooke Shields ou Lauren Hutton pour seuls exemples) la chance de leur vie sur les podiums. De l'âge d'or passé au présent, la beauté se conjugue à tous les temps dans les pages de ce numéro de novembre.

Vogue Paris no. 942, en kiosque le 25 octobre

With Gisele Bündchen taking the cover, November’s beauty special offers up the latest look at this season’s best beauty hints and tips shot by some of the industry’s most iconic photographers. Available at newsstands from October 25

"Focusing on the transformative power of beauty, November’s Vogue Paris explores how even the smallest change can boost your appearance and update an entire look, whether it’s a glossy lip, a shimmery eye or a fresh,soft complexion,” writes Emmanuelle Alt editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, in this month’s letter from the editor. For the issue, Gisele Bündchen, poster child for natural, healthy beauty returns to the Vogue Paris cover, the first time since the bombshell last ignited the cover for the June/July 2012 issue of the magazine. Exploring everything from the latest and greatest beauty imports and must-adopt habits from abroad, to the season's13 biggest new ways to update your look shot by photographer David Sims, November's issuebrings together this month’s Vogue Paris girls to prove that subtle make-up makeovers can be the best.

Elsewhere, a retrospective of photographer Helmut Newton and Hans Feurer’s work takes in the power of photography to capture elegance, grace and the real essence of beauty — all at a time when Eileen Ford was launching the careers of fashion’s first glamazons, including Brooke Shields, Jerry Hall and Lauren Hutton. From the glamour of the past, to the hottest trends of today, beauty knows no age in Vogue Paris this November.

Vogue Paris no. 942, is available from October 25.

By Anne-Sophie Mallard. Translated by Rachel Huber.

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Gisele Bündchen by Inez & Vinoodh editorial image © 2013 Condé Nast. All Rights Reserved.


Introducing… Justine Ariel, Contributing Editor

I am excited to welcome our newest contributing editor, Justine Ariel, to I Want To Be An Alt! Justine is a talented writer and a passionate Vogue Paris enthusiast and I very much looking forward to her sharing her insights with all of us through these pages. Welcome to IWTBAA, Justine!

Justine Ariel
Contributing Editor

Bonjour, hello! My name is Justine Ariel and I'm a writer, singer, and photographer. I live in Brooklyn, New York — and I am so thrilled to join the team at IWTBAA as a contributing editor!

Emmanuelle Alt is a continuing source of inspiration for me, which is why I can find endless things to say about Vogue Paris and fashion today. Alt's amazing career and the confidence she exudes in her personal style have encouraged me to pursue photography and fashion writing.

I'm going to do what Yuka Ryou did and give you a list to introduce myself:

  1. I run a personal style/accessories blog called "common era".
  2. Three things I love: Paris, hats, and croissants. When all three of these things are in my life (I am in Paris, wearing a hat and eating a croissant), I'm very happy.
  3. Three style truths EA taught me: belts are friends, you can show up in the same outfit twice (or ten times), and nothing beats black jeans and a classy white oxford shirt (even if people start ordering food from you at a restaurant).
  4. Three fashion icons: Emmanuelle Alt, of course, Anouk Aimée, Audrey Hepburn.
  5. Three words I try to keep in mind at all times: minimalism, elegance, noir.

Thanks so much for reading, and I look forward to posting on IWTBAA!

Justine Ariel

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Justine Ariel photograph © 2013 Justine Ariel. All Rights Reserved.


IWTB Contest Winner: Justine Ariel

IWTB hosted a contest this summer inviting readers to share their thoughts about the sites for a chance to win a prize and I am thrilled to announce the winner of our contest: Justine Ariel! I must admit that Justine's words moved me to tears, I was so happy that she appreciates our genuine approach and her potent reminder, "Don't give up!" came just at the right time. Justine wins a set of four IWTB mugs (Alt, Battaglia, Coppola, Roitfeld); a copy of the book Nostalgia in Vogue; a copy of the limited edition artist's book Alt/Saglio: Quotes + Citations by Wynn Dan; and the ring of her choice from I Heard They Eat Cigarettes. My sincerest thanks to all of the readers that took the time to share their thoughts! Congratulations Justine!

Keep It Real, Don't Give Up
By Justine Ariel

I have been following I Want To Be An Alt and I Want To Be A Battaglia for some time now. But this essay is in response to I Want To Be An Alt. Yes. The difficult, the inscrutable Alt, with those smartly-written editorials and edgy photographs. With those ideals and images that — sometimes — fall short of the institutional fashion mega-star Vogue Paris. Emmanuelle Alt is trying to do something great — and that is to bring the magazine and its readers into her own vision of the 21st century. This means a lot of mistakes, but when it's good, it's really good. And for this reason, my favorite thing about the site is that you don't give up. That's also one of the things I've learned from these women through your sites. And do you know why it's great that you don't give up? Because you aren't afraid to criticize. You aren't afraid to say, "This is disappointing, I'm not sure where Alt is going with this." In an industry based so much on personality — both fashion and fashion blogging industries — it is refreshing to hear an honest opinion that critiques the work of this woman intelligently and thoughtfully. She makes mistakes! We all do. How refreshing is that? But the other side of the coin is, she doesn't give up. Your blog is inspiring for me not just because I get to see the stylish outfits and compelling editorials, but because I'm actually able to understand the endurance of the work of these women (Okay, now I'm talking about ALL of your sites). No one else is showing this, or analyzing it, in such a focused way. And this is why I keep coming back to your sites — because I know I'm going to get articles that discuss the good and the bad, from writers who aren't afraid to to speak their minds. This is important in all disciplines, but much needed in the fashion world. 

That said, my favorite posts are the outfit posts. I feel like they're my treat for reading and understanding the reasons behind editorials and Alt's different visions. Because Emmanuelle Alt is just so damn chic, every time. And it's so refreshing to see that — gasp! — she wears the same clothes to different events. Whereas Carine Roitfeld and Giovanna Battaglia are known for their eclectic and seemingly endless wardrobes, Emmanuelle Alt is a woman of staples. And I appreciate that. It brings me back to, maybe, what Parisian street style is meant to be. Everyone has their uniform, but it just looks good. I don't know how Emmanuelle Alt's editorship (is that a word?) at Vogue Paris will be remembered — it's too early to tell. But change is refreshing, and, ironically, it's nice to see the same outfits for a change. 

Before I get too caught up in wordplay... Please keep posting great editorials on your site! For those of us living outside of France, a subscription to Vogue Paris is a hefty $180 per year. It's great to see the little gems of the magazine (Vogue Paris: "Tresor National" for example, and the aluminum foil dress in "Couture") and be plugged in to the best of it. What would I change about the site? Well, for me, when I lack inspiration, I change the layout of my site. Maybe give I Want To Be An Alt a makeover. From going super-minimalist to making the post space wider... It might broaden your horizons, open the world! 

In sum, I really think you are doing a great thing. You are a great resource for the best (and worst) of Vogue Paris — the best on the web, so please remember that! There are people out there (me) who really appreciate it. I'm being honest, I'm not just trying to win Alt/Saglio. Although that would also be great. You never know where this site will take you (even if you just go to the magazine stand to buy Vogue Paris who knows, you could meet the love of your life, and/or a puppy) — so my Alt-ian message is: don't give up! I'm a 25-year-old writer and young artist, finding a voice in photography, fashion, and film. Thank you so much for this opportunity! I wish you all the best.


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Carine Roitfeld, Emmanuelle Alt, Giovanna Battaglia, Sofia Coppola photos via Pure People, Getty Images, Fashion Spot.

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