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Chloé: Attitudes
By Sarah Mower


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By Andrew Birkin


Vogue and The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute: Parties, Exhibitions, People
By Hamish Bowles


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By Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni


Halston: Inventing American Fashion
By Lesley Frowick


Dries van Noten
By Pamela Golbin


A Denim Story
By Emily Current, Meritt Elliott, Hilary Walsh 


Veruschka: From Vera to Veruschka
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Draw Blood for Proof
By Mario Sorrenti


Diana Vreeland Memos:
The Vogue Years

By Alexander Vreeland

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Vogue Paris Collections By Hajin Bae

Special thanks to Hajin Bae for permitting me to share with all of you her fabulous illustration inspired by the cover of Vogue Paris Collections. Hajin works as an illustrator, graphic designer, and art director in Seoul, Korea. I love her style and I hope you will also, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. To enjoy more of her amazing art, please visit her at Open Your Mind. 감사합니다 Hajin!

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Vogue Paris Collections fashion illustration © 2013 Hajin Bae. All Rights Reserved.


Vogue Paris Translation: Le Point De Vue De Vogue February 2013

New York n'est pas une ville comme les autres, c'est un mythe. Inoxydable. Le rêve américain dévale le bitume de ses avenues XXL. Artistes, jeunes créateurs, chefs d'entreprise, photographes, top models sont à New York comme des poissons dans l'eau. Question d'énergie, de démesure... Et le sentiment grisant que tout y est possible, que tout va très vite. Là, sur les toits des buildings, au coin d'un block, sur une bicyclette à Manhattan ou dans un loft de Soho, la mode de ce printemps-été 2013 exulte. En guest : Milla Jovovich, mannequin star et égérie de films d'action dont le punch éclatant vibre au diapason de la ville.

New York, c'est aussi une faune fascinante. Au sommaire de ce numéro, un escadron de talents, l'adrénaline créative à l'instant T. Alexander Wang, créateur adulé outre-Atlantique qui prend les rênes de Balenciaga à Paris, les Proenza Schouler, Claire Danes, la bluffante héroïne de Homeland, l'artiste Elizabeth Peyton, sans oublier l'écrivain anglais Zadie Smith aujourd'hui basée à New York, charmée, à chaque fois qu'elle y remet les pieds, par la délirante ligne d'horizon qui s'offre à ses yeux. C'est tellement vrai. Le panorama y est comme nulle part ailleurs.

New York is not a city like the others, this is a myth. Steel. The American dream rushes down the asphalt of the avenues XXL. Artists, young designers, CEOs, photographers, top models take to New York like fish to water. The issues of energy, excess... And the heady feeling that everything is possible, that everything goes very fast. There, on the roofs of buildings at the corner of a block, on a bicycle, or in a Manhattan loft in Soho, the fashion of this spring-summer 2013 exults. Our guest: Milla Jovovich, star model and the face of action movies with a brilliant punch, vibrates in tune with the city.

New York is also a fascinating animal. In the contents of this issue, a troop of talents, the creative adrenaline of this instant in time. Alexander Wang, the designer worshiped overseas who takes the reins of Balenciaga in Paris, Proenza Schouler, Claire Danes, the baffling heroine of Homeland, the artist Elizabeth Peyton, not to mention the British writer Zadie Smith now based in New York, charmed, every time she puts her feet on the ground, the frenzied skyline awaits her eyes. This is so true. The panorama is like nowhere else.

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Vogue Paris editorial image © 2013 Condé Nast. All Rights Reserved.


IWTBAA Fashion Editor: Heather Dunhill

I am thrilled to announce the promotion of Heather Dunhill to fashion editor for I Want To Be An Alt! Since joining the team a year ago, Heather has proven a constant force, the sweet voice of reason when it comes to analyzing all things Emmanuelle Alt. I know that I speak for many when I say that I anxiously await her smart and sassy review of each issue of Vogue Paris. I hope you will join me in congratulating Heather!

Throughout my career, my passion for all things stylish, whether it was fashion, art, design, or even modern architecture, has remained constant. The challenge early on was to parlay them, with my penchant for creative writing, into a suitable forum.

Born in the state of New York, part of me believes the inclination was in the water. However, a transplant to Florida shifted my fashionable focus to suit my new bohemian lifestyle of surfing and beach-going and now back again to some version of downtown girl crossed with architectural edgy.

Which is how I happened upon the effortlessly chic and perfectly Parisian style of Emmanuelle Alt. As a 5’11” femme, I often spy the styling of those like me and Alt has the ideal tall girl style. I love that it seems as if she walked up to her closet, grabbed three to five pieces, and assembled as she took a bite of her madeleine and a sip of her French Press café. I truly admire her look and following her style is how I happened upon Kellina de Boer’s fabulous site I Want To Be An Alt. A twist of fashionable fate put me in the position to grow with the dynamic team I now find myself a part of.

Today, I’m a style blogger and fashion spectator. In addition to IWTBAA, many of my musings can be found at heatherDUNHILL.com — thanks for following!

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Heather Dunhill photograph courtesy of Rebecca Baxter.


The Angle On Alt: Raquel Zimmermann

Vogue Paris April 2010

The Angle On Alt: Raquel Zimmermann
By Kamila Brudzynska

A few years ago Raquel Zimmermann was interviewed by Brazilian GNT Fashion. She spent a day with the cameras and talked about the fashion industry. She discussed Inez & Vinoodh, David Sims, Karl Lagerfeld, Grace Coddington, Emmanuelle Alt, and her experience with fashion.

Vogue Paris December 2011

When asked, “A fashion editor who is an icon for me?” she named Grace Coddington and Emmanuelle Alt. “I really like Emmanuelle Alt from French Vogue. She understands what women want today. She’s taking fashion in a young way. Her style, that she shows. A lot of shows is a bit rock 'n’ roll, the seventies. She knows how to show something like disco or paillettes, or metallic. But in a cool, young way.”

Vogue Paris June 2010

Raquel has appeared at least 16 times in Vogue Paris editorials and half of that is her work with Emmanuelle. The photo shoots are elegant, mysterious, chic, punk, rock 'n’ roll — always different. Raquel can find herself in every theme and the effects are impressive.

Vogue Paris November 2009

Maybe it is the right time for Emmanuelle Alt to put Raquel Zimmermann on the cover of Vogue Paris for the first time?

Vogue Paris November 2011

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Vogue Paris editorial images courtesy of Condé Nast


Vogue Paris: Rendez-vous A Manhattan

Vogue Paris: Rendez-vous à Manhattan (New York Partie 1)
By Heather Dunhill

Ok, look — regarding "Rendez-vous à Manhattan," styling by Emmanuelle Alt, I’m taking the Oreo Cookie constructive criticism approach. Have you ever heard of it? You give positive reinforcement on both ends but it’s the stuff in the middle that needs improvement. So, here goes.

I LOVE that Alt stepped out her comfort zone but kept the best of her signature rock 'n' roll styling. She kept it simple with accessories, sent the crosses back to the Vatican, and updated model Milla Jovovich with a solid hair style a la 1980s Brigitte Nielsen — very, very hot.

Trying to keep an open mind, I didn’t know how I completely felt about the overall styling until I got to "New York Partie 2," styled by Melanie Ward. It makes Alt’s shoot look less than with Jovovich running around the city in Charlie’s Angels mode, one pic with a hotrod Prius as a backdrop. Trust me, I know there are some great photos in this editorial but maybe if it was once or twice with the finger gun — but, oh. no. It’s every shot. I’m starting to think it’s not all Alt’s fault. It’s quite possible that her position has created some sort of insulation from trustworthy feedback. Are those around Emmanuelle Alt telling her that every idea she has is golden?

The clothes are to die, no doubt. I was especially into the Dolce & Gabbana flower appliqué dress and the Alexander McQueen number that could have been on Charlize Theron in Snow White and the Huntsman. I also admire Emmanuelle Alt for showing us that those black pumps of hers have staying power and, don’t hate me non-smokers, I even like that she throws in a rebellious cigarette — just to let us know she sits in one of the highest fashion offices in the land and, she can.

More from Vogue Paris February 2013

Vogue Paris: New York Partie 2
By Richard James

Vogue Paris: New York Partie 3
By Kamila Brudzynska

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Vogue Paris editorial image © 2013 Condé Nast. All Rights Reserved.