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A Denim Story
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Veruschka: From Vera to Veruschka
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Draw Blood for Proof
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Vogue Paris: Nouveau Genre

Vogue Paris: Nouveau Genre
By Kate Ringo Suzuki

Flash forward to the present issue of Vogue Paris, March 2013, with Emmanuelle Alt at the helm. We see clearly from the editorial styled by Géraldine Saglio titled "Nouveau Genre" (or in English, "New Style") that Alt is a “top” to Carine Roitfeld’s “bottom.” Saskia de Brauw appears in the spread once again, her image dramatically altered. This time Saskia takes the stage with tough-chic model, Casey Legler.

The lush and dreamy set has been swapped for a stark studio set cast in black and white. Let’s call the set “minimalist” and move on. Saskia and Casey are tough tomboys who boldly don sharp, all-black, architectural clothing. Any trace of curvy femininity that they may be endowed with is hidden. In its place are tattoos and edge à la the power 80s. It's as if Emmanuelle Alt is fantasizing about Watts, the blond tomboy from the 1987 movie, Some Kind of Wonderful. What if Watts had a date to the prom? What would Watts wear?

Parisian chic as interpreted by Vogue Paris has shifted from elegant eroticism to working class gender bending. Who goes home with the championship belt?

Contrast my analysis of "Nouveau Genre" with my review of Carine Roitfeld's editorial "Cœur à Corps Perdu" from the March 2011 issue of Vogue Paris.

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By Kamila Brudzynska

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By Richard James

Vogue Paris Translation: Le Point De Vue De Vogue
By Kellina de Boer

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Introducing… Yuka Ryou, Contributing Editor

I am excited to introduce a new member of the I Want To Be An Alt team… Yuka Ryou, contributing editor! Located in Tokyo, Yuka is a charming writer with an enormous passion for all things Parisienne and a particular penchant for Emmanuelle Alt. In fact, you may remember that Yuka had the good fortune to meet EA at an event in Tokyo and that she graciously shared her experience with us in her piece "My Minute With Emmanuelle Alt." I hope you will take the time to join me now in welcoming her to IWTBAA — Yuka おめでとうと歓迎 ♡ félicitations et bienvenue !

Yuka Ryou
Contributing Editor

Hello every Emmanuelle Alt fans. My name is Yuka Ryou. Do you remember this photo? If you do, I'm so glad to see you again. This commemorable photo was taken November 2011 at Tokyo. Emmanuelle Alt came to Japan to join in Vogue FNO. I've met my God of fashion. After that, I got a chance to write the miracle experience at IWTBAA. Now, editor-in-chief Kellina give big offer to me again. April is the starting season in Japan. I'm very happy to start my editor life in this spring.

I'll show you my profile!

  1. I'm a 29 year old woman living in Tokyo. But honestly, I wish I was born as Parisienne... 
  2. I love Paris. I've gone there 6 times. But I couldn't be a Parisienne still now... ☹
  3. My fashion icons are EA and her Vogue team, Kate Moss, Freja Beha, and Phoebe Philo.
  4. I also like Sofia Coppola (only her style, not including her movies), Kirsten Dunst, and Clemence Poesy. 
  5. My favorite style is not like the “Harajuku-girls.” I love simply chic style.
  6. My necessary fashion items are B.D. oxford shirts, v-neck sweater, navy pea coat, and pearl earrings. 
  7. I don't wear round toe shoes. So, I was shocked when I found EA was wearing it in this collection season. 

That's almost all about me. Yes, I'm just a geek of EA and Parisienne! I'm not an expert of the mode fashion. So, I wanna grow up through communication with you. I deeply appreciate such a great opportunity for me. Although I'm not good at speaking/writing English, I will try hard to edit interesting posts. I hope that you will be interested in my posts and giving to me your advice and frank opinion. If you enjoy my passion for Emmanuelle, I'm so happy.

I Want To Be A Good Editor for IWTBAA!

Thank you ! / Merci ! / Arigatou !

Yuka Ryou

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Emmanuelle Alt photographs © 2013 Yuka Ryou. All Rights Reserved.


Vogue Paris Translation: Le Point De Vue De Vogue March 2013

I have translated from French to English the thoughts of Emmanuelle Alt on the March issue of Vogue Paris, her point de vue de Vogue on her avant-garde edition. I love the image that she chose to illustrate her column, David Bowie in a surreal still taken from the 1976 film The Man Who Fell to Earth.

Est radical celui — ou celle — qui ose, fait tomber les barrières, prend des risques et les assume. Sans compromis. Ce numéro de Vogue flirte délibérément, outrageusement, avec le concept. En ligne de mire, les créateurs chefs de file, un cran d'avance sur l'époque, avec qui il n'ya pas de retour en arrière possible, tout comme les talents émergents, sur lesquels le magazine est prêt à prendre des paris. Sous l'œil d'Inez & Vinoodh, Mert & Marcus, Mario Sorrenti, Peter Lindbergh s'illustrent ainsi les tendances fortes de la saison, doublées des propositions les plus novatrices.

‹‹Quand je fais de la mode, j'habille mes idées. Pour moi, les vêtements sont des idées››, dit-elle. Dotée d'une intelligence aiguë de son temps, Miuccia Prada a révolutionné la mode en empruntant au monde de l'art ses pratiques : mixer passé et futur, concilier élitisme et succès. La créatrice milanaise à la tête d'un empire est l'une des visionnaires dont Vogue salue ce mois-ci le caractère d'avant-garde aux côtés de David Bowie, icône de la pop culture, inventeur du style androgyne rock poussé à l'extrême. Et puisque l'avant-garde, forcément précurseur, est l'un des thèmes qui nous inspirent, nous l'avons soumise au regard des meilleurs spécialistes en France : Jean de Loisy, président du Palais de Tokyo, Laurent Le Bon, directeur du Centre Pompidou Metz, Michel Verjux et Loris Gréaud, artistes stars.

This is radical — or that — who dares, to break down barriers, to take risks, and to bear. Without compromise. This issue of Vogue flirts deliberately, outrageously, with the concept. In the line of sight, the creative leaders, one step ahead of the times, with whom there is no turning back, as well as emerging talents, with which the magazine is ready to take paris. Under the eye of Inez & Vinoodh, Mert & Marcus, Mario Sorrenti, Peter Lindbergh are shown the major trends of the season, dubbed the most innovative proposals.

"When I do fashion, I dress my ideas. For me, clothes are ideas," she said. With a keen intelligence of her time, Miuccia Prada has revolutionized the fashion world via art practices: mix past and future, reconcile elitism and success. The Milanese designer at the head of an empire is one of the visionaries Vogue welcomes this month alongside the avant-garde character David Bowie, the pop culture icon, inventor of the androgynous rock style taken to the extreme. And since the avant-garde, necessarily a precursor, is one of the themes that inspires us, we submitted to the leading specialists in France: Jean de Loisy, president of the Palais de Tokyo, Laurent Le Bon, director of Centre Pompidou-Metz, Michel Verjux et Loris Gréaud, artists stars.

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Vogue Paris editorial image © 2013 Condé Nast. All Rights Reserved.


Emmanuelle Alt: Reality Show

Inspired by the winning entry of Sylvia Sanchez, I am now curious to examine more closely the editorial "Reality Show" by Emmanuelle Alt…. Originally published in the August 2008 issue of Vogue Paris, Emmanuelle not only presents a primer for dressing with Parisienne chic, but a veritable shopping list: what to buy and in what order to invest. The images of Anna Selezneva shot by Terry Richardson appear side by side below, runway opposite street, along with more information in both French and English about the garments and accessories that are shown. Be sure to click through to the gallery for a closer look at the images. Which are your favorite pieces?

Vogue Paris August 2008: Reality Show
By Emmanuelle Alt

D'un côté, les podiums, de l'autre, a rue. Échappée des défiles, la mode la plus pointue se retrouve dans la vraie vie comme chez elle.

On the one hand, the runways, on the other, the street. Escaping from the show, the most cutting edge fashion is found in real life like her home.

1. Boots, bag, sunglasses, Chanel.


Pull en maille de laine et angora, Isabel Marant Étoile. 
Jean en denim bleu, Guess Jeans.
Ceinture en cuir, Isabel Marant.
Lunettes de soleil, sac «Classique» en cuir grené matelassé, grand modèle; et cuissardes en cuir mat et verni, Chanel.
Montre «Première» en acier et cuir, Chanel Horlogerie.

Knit sweater in wool and angora, Isabel Marant Étoile.
Blue denim jeans, Guess Jeans.
Leather belt, Isabel Marant.
Sunglasses, "Classique" bag in quilted grained leather (large), and thigh high boots in matte patent leather, Chanel.
Watch, "Première" in steel and leather, Chanel Horlogerie.


Veste transparente en vinyle noir; robe courte en tulle, jersey et vinyle; collants en dentelle; lunettes de soleil en acétate, et cuissardes en cuir mat et verni, Chanel.
Sac «Classique» géant, élément du décor Chanel, pour le défilé prêt-a-porter Automne/Hiver 08–09.

Transparent jacket in black vinyl, short dress in tulle, jersey and vinyl; lace tights; sunglasses in acetate, and thigh high boots in matte patent leather, Chanel.
Giant "Classique" bag, an element from the Chanel scenery for the Ready-to-Wear Autumn/Winter 08-09 show.

2. Jacket, Ralph Lauren Collection.


Veste «Baldwin Jacket» en drap de cachemire bicolore, sur longue robe en organza volanté de tulle et plumes, ceinture en cuir verni et métal, et coiffe en poulain imprimé léopard et plumes de faisan, Ralph Lauren Collection.

"Baldwin Jacket" in two-tone cashmere broadcloth, over a long dress in ruffled organza of tulle and feathers, belt in patent leather and metal, and cap in leopard print and pheasant feathers, Ralph Lauren Collection.


Veste «Baldwin Jacket» en drap de cachemire bicolore, et sac «Ricky Bag» en python (grand modèle), Ralph Lauren Collection.
Jean court en denim délavé tie & dye, Topshop.
Ceinture en cuir verni, Isabel Marant.
Escarpins en cuir noir, bout métallisé, Giuseppe Zanotti.
Bague «Trinity» trois ors, Cartier.

"Baldwin Jacket" in two-tone cashmere broadcloth, and "Ricky Bag" in python (large), Ralph Lauren Collection.
Short faded tie & dye denim jeans, Topshop.
Patent leather belt, Isabel Marant.
Pumps in black leather, metallic tip, Giuseppe Zanotti.
"Trinity" three gold ring, Cartier.

3. Vest, Alexander McQueen.


Gilet en velours et passementerie dorée, robe bicolore en tulle de soie et velours, pantalon en cuir à bottes intégrées avec bout en métal, diadème en métal et strass porté en ceinture, bracelets en résine et strass, et coiffe en métal doré et strass, le tout, Alexander McQueen.

Velvet vest with gold trim, two-tone dress in silk tulle and velvet, leather pants and boots with integrated metal tip, metal and rhinestone tiara worn as a belt, bracelets in resin and rhinestones, and gold metal and rhinestone headdress, all, Alexander McQueen.


Gilet en velours et passementerie dorée, Alexander McQueen.
Chemise en popeline de coton, New Man.
Jean en denim brut, J Brand chez Montaigne Market.
Ceinture en cuir et métal doré, Gucci.
Lunettes de soleil pilote de la collection «Santos», Cartier.

Velvet vest with gold trim, Alexander McQueen.
Cotton poplin shirt, New Man.
Raw denim jeans, J Brand at Montaigne Market.
Leather and gilded metal belt, Gucci.
Pilot sunglasses from the collection "Santos," Cartier.

4. Shirt [blue], Prada.


Chemise en popeline de coton, col en soie stretch, jupe en guipure dentelle avec ceinture assortie, collier en vinyle, sandales en guipure dentelle et cuir verni, le tout, Prada.

Poplin cotton shirt, collar in stretch silk, lace skirt with matching belt, vinyl necklace, sandals in lace and patent leather, all, Prada.


Chemise en popeline de coton, et sac en cuir et dentelle, Prada.
Pantalon en cuir stretch zippé aux poches et aux chevilles, et ceinture en cuir, Balmain.
Ballerines en cuir, Lanvin.

Poplin cotton, leather and lace bag, Prada.
Stretch leather pants zipped pockets and ankles, and leather belt, Balmain.
Leather ballet flats, Lanvin.

5. Shirt [tartan plaid], Dolce & Gabbana.


Manteau en agneau; veste, gilet et pantalon en tweed de cachemire et alpaga; chemise en toile de laine et cachemire imprimé tartan, ceinture en cuir, foulard en soie imprimée, casquette en chèvre façon poulain, derbies en cuir et détails en cristal Swarovski, le tout, Dolce & Gabbana.

Coat in lamb; jacket, waistcoat and trousers in tweed of cashmere and alpaca; shirt printed on wool and cashmere tartan plaid, leather belt, printed silk scarf, goatskin cap, leather derby shoes with Swarovski crystal details, everything, Dolce & Gabbana.


Chemise en toile de laine et cachemire imprimé tartan, t-shirt, foulard en soie imprimée, et sac en patchwork de cuir et croco, le tout, Dolce & Gabbana.
Jean en denim délavé usé, DSquared2.
Ceinture en cuir et métal doré, Gucci.
Bottes «Babouska» en veau velours, Isabel Marant.

Shirt in wool and cashmere printed in tartan, t-shirt, printed silk scarf, and bag in leather and crocodile patchwork, all, Dolce & Gabbana.
Faded and worn denim jeans, DSquared2.
Belt in leather and gilded metal, Gucci.
Boots "Babouska" suede, Isabel Marant.

6. Belt, Gucci.


Manteau en peau lainée et détails broderies, blouse en toile de laine et lin brodée aux manches, pantalon en cuir piqué de clous et d'anneaux métal, ceinture en cuir et métal, ceinture chaîne en métal à pompon de veau velours, sac en cuir et clous métal et bottes en cuir clouté, Gucci.

Shearling coat with embroidered detail, woolen cloth blouse with embroidered linen sleeves, leather pants with studded metal rings, leather and gilded metal belt, suede and chain metal tassel, metal studded leather bag and boots, Gucci.


Blouse en toile de laine et lin brodée aux manches, ceinture en cuir et métal doré, boots en veau velours frangé, sac «Gucci Hysteria» en cuir et broderies tapisserie, Gucci.
Short en coton, American Apparel.

Woolen cloth blouse with embroidered linen sleeves, leather and gilded metal belt, suede fringed boots, "Gucci Hysteria" bag in leather and embroidered tapestry, Gucci.
Shorts in cotton, American Apparel.

7. Leather pants, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci.


Veste en drap de laine stretch, blouse en voile de soie et dentelle, ceinture en cuir et métal doré, pantalon en cuir, colliers chaînes en métal doré, chapelets en métal et perles de verre, boots ouvertes en cuir et strass, Givenchy par Riccardo Tisci.

Jacket in stretch wool, blouse in silk voile and lace, leather and gilded metal belt, leather pants, necklaces, gold metal chains, metal and glass beads, open-toed boots in leather and rhinestones, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci.


Pantalon en cuir et sac ‹‹Melancolia›› en cuir et métal doré, Givenchy par Riccardo Tisci.
T-shirt en coton, Acne.
Boots en agneau velours frange, Christian Louboutin.
Bague ‹‹Trinity›› trois ors, Cartier.

Leather pants and "Melancholy" bag in leather and gilded metal, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci.
T-shirt in cotton, Acne.
Boots in fringed lamb suede, Christian Louboutin.
"Trinity" three gold ring, Cartier.

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IWTBAA Contest Winner: Sylvia Sanchez

Congratulations to Sylvia Sanchez, the winner of the recent I Want To Be An Alt essay contest! Sylvia will receive a copy of the limited edition artist's book Alt/Saglio: Quotes + Citations by Wynn Dan. Thanks to everyone that took the time to enter our contest and especially to Wynn Dan for sponsoring the contest; I hope you will join me in congratulating Sylvia in the comments below. To read more, please visit her at Sylvia Etc.

Emmanuelle Alt: Reality Show
By Sylvia Sanchez

My favorite editorial ever styled by Emmanuelle Alt dates back from August 2008. The title is "Reality Show" and model Anna Selezneva (the Balmain opening show model at that time) was shot by Terry Richardson for Vogue Paris. I always have it in the back of my mind as it is still so modern and inspiring. I like so many things about it: the almost clinical narrative presenting seven classic pieces in a street-couture construction with the editorial version on one page and the day-to-day version on the other; the codified styling with Emmanuelle Alt’s signature pieces; and Avenue Montaigne as the quintessential Parisian location.

What really fascinates me is how Emmanuelle has managed to capture a pure momentum of style in the middle of a fashion frenzy, where many codes between fashion trends and style were starting to blur. To me, this editorial has become a cult reference that has influenced street-style today. It will never become obsolete as Emmanuelle Alt tackles key questions on personal style as opposed to fast-fashion, offering a very down-to-earth approach on how to dress on an everyday basis and clearly inviting the global reader to adopt this sensibility and project longevity when retail-buying designer pieces.

If we take a closer look at the pieces featured in the editorial, we discover a capsule wardrobe of key essentials: the Chanel bag, the tartan shirt, the leather trousers, the waistcoat, the band jacket, the blue shirt, the floaty white blouse. In addition, I love how we see a repeated focus on Emmanuelle’s signature belt in many of the looks and how she still wears today this very same belt, with the very same style consistency.

The quality of this editorial is really in the thought that Emmanuelle Alt has put into editing the classic pieces to the minimum to present outstanding style propositions to the reader who wants to interact with the magazine forever. This time really marks the beginning of the French Voguettes era. Long life to them!

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